The Historic ArchLight Cinemas To Shut Down Permanently Leaving Behind A Host Of Memories

The Historic ArchLight Cinemas To Shut Down Permanently Leaving Behind A Host Of Memories

Constructed in the 1960s, the famous ArchLight Cinemas is coming to an end and thereby the end of an era. Due to the losses suffered during the pandemic, Pacific theatre, which is the parent company, declared that despite trying so hard and figuring out options to sustain the historical monument, they could not do much. For over a year, they are going through major losses and have no way to recover them. The latest news report said that Pacific would have to pay close to 2.2 Million as payment to the landlords for a year.

Unfortunately, the company added that they could not find a financially viable option to move forward with keeping the dome open for everyone. It is indeed sad and depressing news for cinephiles, many of whom have already lost their loved ones to the virus. Celebrities and common people are ranting their anger against the pandemic that does not seem to end as it preys over the most loved and cherished monument in Los Angeles. It was one of the first silver screens to open in the country and thereby contains nostalgia traces.

Reactions Of The Hollywood Community Over The Closing Of The ArchLight Cinemas


Just after the statement was released on Twitter, actors, actresses, directors and writer poured their hearts on the micro-blogging platform. Award-Winning Director Rian Johnson thanked the ArchLight Cinemas team and the historic building, which offered many beautiful experiences for every moviegoer. Everyone in the film fraternity will miss this icon dome for sure. Jamie Kennedy, comedian and actor, expressed his sadness and surprise by quoting his on-screen character Randy. He also added a nostalgic memory by remembering it to be the first place he saw in 2001.

Film Director Roland Emmerich said that everyone who worked at the ArchLight Cinemas, right from the ticket seller to the manager, they all loved movies. One can feel their passion and vibes while entering the gate. He also felt that employees working there were very proud to wear their blue shirts, symbolic of their happiness.

Celebrity Reactions On Twitter That Lead To The Start Of A Petition

Save ArcLight Cinemas: 14 filmmakers share their memories - Los Angeles  Times

Writer-director Barry Jenkins just tweeted one word showing his disappointment and shock all at once. “Love and Basketball” film director Gina Prince-Bythewood said it would be very painful for her as she loved going there to watch movies. She also adds that it was a very hygienic, beautiful place that served good popcorn, assigned stadium seating and introductions to movies. Many other directors and writers like Jamie Kennedy, Wes Ball, Ted Hope, Nia Vardalos and Mike Flanagan have expressed their sadness and anger at this incident.

While some brought back memories of this grand dome-shaped theatre, others expressed their anger and started an online campaign with the hashtag Save the Dome. Ben Steinberg, actor and filmmaker, took it in his responsibility to save the dome and created an online petition. Till Tuesday morning, his petition already had more than twelve hundred signatures and counting. He said the great monument was one of the three theatres in the country with a widescreen with three different projectors to watch films on. He urges big media companies and studios like Amazon, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Brothers etc., to come together and save the ArchLight Dome.

The ArchLight Dome In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Cinerama Dome: The Story of an LA Icon | Discover Los Angeles
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Not only has the movie theatre has a great history and memories with the movie-going community, but it was also cast in the famous Tarantino film, “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’. Therefore, it signifies the art of storytelling and takes the modern crowd back to its roots. Pacific’s Cinerama Theatre is the first theatre built by the chain. The owners of Pacific say that they might have to close down the rest of the theatres, too, as no funds are coming in. Even though in the post-pandemic era, the rest of the theatres in California start to rev up, it is not reviving the dome anytime soon.

Right after the ArchLight Cinema news closing down forever came out; people living far off came to see the dome one last time. Many have shared their sentiments and memories of being shaped by this famous place and expressed their strong desire to save i

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