Taylor Swift Drops New Song With Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon

Taylor Swift Drops New Song With Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon

Last week the internet was exploding with Taylor Swift’s new song Mr. Perfectly Fine and this week has been her duet. The pandemic has made singers and songwriters all the more productive and eager to keep their audience on their toes. The Fearless singer dropped a soulful romantic song on her YouTube channel, and fans could not control their emotions. Even though the duet has been on her channel for over four months now, it’s only now, after her latest release, that the melody caught everyone’s ears. Rolling Stone has recently written a full-fledged article on the duet, and everyone’s wondering why.

The Original Song ‘Exile’ That Crossed Forty-Nine Million Views

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Singer and Songwriter Taylor Swift have crossed forty-nine million views on the original soundtrack of ‘Exile’ on her channel. She released it on 24th July 2020, and it is one of the songs from her ‘Folklore’ album. Fans of the Emmy award winner were all praising and appreciating her vocals and the heartfelt lyrics. The song’s visuals are very interesting, where we see a lonely man walking through a heavy, trenched forest. It’s a slow song, very slow to be specific, that is not everyone’s cup of tea. Her persuasive emotions and tone make the song a song of the lonely hearts similar to the man.

Throughout the length of the song, we see this man walking without stopping or resting. We don’t know where he is going, what he is up to or if he has a destination or not. It seems more like he has lost all hope of finding the light and wants to walk as far as the road takes him. Contrary to what one would think, the visual is very engaging and at no point does the viewer get bored of watching the same thing for four minutes and forty-six seconds straight. We also get to read the lyrics on the side that makes it all the more appealing.

The Long Pond Studio Sessions That Captured The Striking Voice Of The Duo


After her success of the original song, Taylor dropped a cover of the song with singer Justin Vermon, and there could not have been any better treatment than this. The setting of this version is shot in Long Pond Studio sessions where Taylor can be seen wearing a long sleeves Brown Checked shirt and short hair. Justin, on the other hand, has recorded his version from his house. He is wearing a mask too, which many are guessing is to silence his voice.

From the comment section, it is clear that fans love the sweet concoction of melody that has the power to send you to some other planet in the blink of an eye.

The Lyrics That Can Make You Cry And Laugh All At The Same Time


The song’s lyrics are heart-wrenching as they seem to be written for somebody who has just been dumped or cheated by their partner. The first paragraph describes the whole act of being abandoned and the emptiness it creates. As the song proceeds, the protagonists describe their pain of what it feels like to see their loved one with someone else. The recurring lines from the song compare their breakup story as something the person had experienced before and did not like.

The thoughts of the song are very intriguing as they gave us an insight into the minds and hearts of people who have fallen deeply in love and then were abandoned. Taylor’s low notes are mind-blowing and reached the deepest level of our hearts.

What Fans Say About Her Latest Release Mr. Perfectly Fine?


In her latest song, Mr. Perfectly Fine, Taylor has brought back a thirteen-year-old song she had written at the time of her split with boyfriend Joe Jonas. It was in the news not because of how good it was but because fans hinted that the singer had written it for her ex-boyfriend Joe. Many have also asked Joe’s wife Sophie about her reaction, but she denied it. Instead, the Game of Thrones actress posted a story on her Instagram supporting Taylor for her amazing soundtrack and lyrics. The fans loved the song, and they said it was the breakup song of the year.

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