Sharon Osbourne Had To Pay A Heavy Price For Defending Piers Morgan

Sharon Osbourne Had To Pay A Heavy Price For Defending Piers Morgan

Little did the sixty-eight-year-old British Television personality knew that defending a friend would cost her more than just a show. Sharon Osbourne, the wife of Ozzy Osbourne and a famous reality television personality, is in the news these days following her exit from her ongoing show. The mother of three is seen in a negative light for her comments on co-hosts Sheryl Underwood. The show “The Talk” has been running for over ten years, and this is perhaps one of those rare times when the situation is blown out of proportion.

What Is The Whole Ruckus About?

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On March 26 this year, an episode shot with two hosts Sharon Osbourne and Sheryl Underwood, got into a mini catfight on camera. It all began after Piers Morgan, the fifty-six-year-old British Television personality, mocked and challenged Megan Markle’s statement on her mental health and her treatment at the royal family. The controversial episode from the Oprah Winfrey show started a conversation around the royal family and divided the nation into two. Morgan Piers, who has been proved wrong multiple times in his earlier statements, is the last person one needs to know about.

Given the dual nature of Morgan, it would have been in the show’s best interest and its viewers if the topic was not brought in, in the first place. However, since every reality television show likes to serve their audience some drama, “The Talk” could not have been behind. Underwood knew that Osbourne supports Morgan and most of the crew knew, yet they put that question forward. They pushed her to speak on the topic and why she supports the controversial presenter. Somehow Sharon felt threatened and orchestrated by everyone in the show, which triggered her.

Sharon’s Instant Reaction That Started A Chain Reaction In The Media

Sharon Osbourne Fired From 'The Talk,' Leaving — Racism Controversy | TVLine

Since Osbourne was defending her friend Morgan against Megan Markle, the debate went in the direction where Osbourne spoke something racist, leading to the end of the heated debate. After the show was over, both Underwood and Sharon went in different directions, not to speak to anyone from the media and isolating themselves. However, the media kept provoking Sharon to say something about the situation, which also ended the close friendship between the two. In an interview to ‘The People, ‘ Sharon said that she had sent many apology messages and calls to Sheryl, but none responded.

She also said that it is true that she got triggered by what was targeted at her on the show and said anything to defend herself. In that process, if she hurt anyone, especially her co-host, she will come in front of the public and ask for an apology.

In The Latest Episode, The Audience Is Confused As To Who Is To Blame?

Sharon Osbourne blamed 'disgruntled ladies' for allegations of racism that  got her ousted from 'The Talk'

After media banter and Sharon’s exit from the show, ‘The Talk’ aired on Monday, where Sheryl had an open discussion with a trauma therapist, her co-hosts and Donald E.Grant. Donald is an expert on equity, diversity, justice and inclusion who is here to explain to everybody how Sharon’s words make her a racist. At the same time, therapist and life coach Anita Philips has been called to demonstrate how to express oneself with difficult emotions and words.

Sheryl, in this episode, said that she is going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and that she was dying to come back to her audience. Through this episode, she wants to go through the entire episode where the ugly fight happened and ensure that after the discussion, everyone goes back feeling better about themselves. Contrary to what she said before in a podcast, in this episode, she also accepted that she did receive text messaged from Sharon but did not respond for legal reasons.

Sharon’s Angry Reaction To People Calling Her A Racist

Sharon Osbourne Apologizes for Racism Debate With Sheryl Underwood | TVLine

It is no surprise for the audience that Sheryl and the show executives accused her of unacceptable behavior and offensive use of words. They said that something horrible to her co-star, who has a brown skin tone, hurt her sentiments. Everyone on the show accused her of being a racist, which is why she left the show. Her past co-hosts named Sara Gilbert, Julie Chennall, and Leah Remini, have also accused her of calling them names and belittling them due to their diversity.

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