Scott Rudin Has To Pay For His Long Years Of Mental And Physical Abuse Towards Employees

Scott Rudin Has To Pay For His Long Years Of Mental And Physical Abuse Towards Employees

Producer of movies like No Country For Old Men, Scott Rudin is one of the prolific producers of his time. He’s sixty-two today and still going strong in the movie business. His latest works include Dispatches From Elsewhere (2020), Devs(2020), Console wars (2020) and The French Dispatch(2021). Scott has produced some of the major works that have turned into a Classic like He Makes Me Feel Like Dancin’, which won an Oscar in 1983. He also produced the controversial theatre production “To Kill A Mocking Bird,” written by the brilliant Aaron Sorkin and directed by Bartlett Sher.

Scott has also been the recipient of many awards like the Academy Award and an unbelievable seventeen Tony Awards, A Grammy, an Emmy, four Golden Globes, and multiple Drama Desks Awards.

Allegations Of Abuse At Workplace That Has Traumatized His Employers


On April 19, at 3:33 am, David Graham-Caso, the twin brother of his former assistant Kevin Blake Graham Caso, released a video on his Twitter handle that has shaken up Hollywood’s entire. In his two-minute and eighteen-second video, he said that his twin brother, who worked under the producer from 2008-2009, was a victim of severe mental and emotional abuse. He called out his off-handed behavior and said that during the time in which Kevin served Scott, the super successful producer berated him, belittled him, bullied him, demanded things that were inhuman and harassed him every single day of his eight-month tenure.

It is a heartbreaking video of one brother who lost his twin, whom he called a part of himself and his life. The trauma was so intense that his dear brother developed anxiety, depression and suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder. And as often happens with victims of abuse and PTSD, Kevin got into a relationship with someone who was also abusive. All of which was so intense that he committed suicide the past October. Of course, he is not blaming Scott in the entirety as he knows that not everyone who worked under him met a similar tragic end to their life.

David-Graham Caso Ended The Video With A Threat To Make The Producer Pay For His Deeds

Scott Rudin Accused of Bullying Former Assistant Who Later Took His Own  Life (Video)

The twin brother, who is still mourning his loss, further says that from now onwards, he will personally see to it that anyone from the industry who chooses to work with him will suffer. He will ensure that people know the real truth behind his smiling face, waiting to pounce upon people who work for them. He is such a bad person that he mistreats those who help him win all of those awards and nominations. The bereaved brother chokes on his words as memories of his dead brother and what he went through kept creeping in.

He then adds the value of creating a union where victims can unite and raise their voices against bullies like Scott. David says that he comes from a family of union workers – people who dare to raise their voices for the rights and injustices around them. And that is why today, he can challenge the big-shot producer. He also says that the current statement released by Scott of putting a step back due to the pain his actions caused others is not just an understatement but also a shrewd publicity stunt to fool the public. He knows too well that this is not going to harm a thing about the man.

Actress Suton Foster Raises Her Voice Against Injustice Too

Drama League Benefit Honors Sutton Foster October 28 | Playbill

As the news came out, actress Sutton Foster who is currently working in a production lead by Scott in the Movie ‘The Music Man’ with co-star Hugh Jackson also breaks her silence. In an Instagram live, she said that even though there has been tremendous pressure from the media and her fans to say something on the matter, she could not. She did not want to do something out of external pressure but decided with her judgment. And rightfully so, she did an elaborate Live session where she said it is the right step for the producer to step down his foot given his bad conduct, and even her co-star agrees to it.

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