Singer Moby Uses Natalie Portman Once Again For The Sale Of His Upcoming Documentary

Singer Moby Uses Natalie Portman Once Again For The Sale Of His Upcoming Documentary

The world has always been a selfish place, especially the celebrity culture, where we see the deepest and darkest human beings’ side. American singer Moby whose birth name is Richard Melville Hall is again on the front page of media tabloids. And once again, he had to use Natalie Portman’s name to grab those headlines. The story between the songwriter and Black Swan actress was very brief and relatively insignificant in both of their life. Moby’s name does not even appear in Natalie’s life, contrary to his life revolving around hers.

In the 1990s, when Natalie was a high school graduate, she met the singer during one of her shoots. They started talking backstage and, as Natalie shares, spent some quality time knowing more about each other’s life and craft. Natalie, who was only eighteen and started, entering the movies one step at a time, was trying to know as many people as she could. Its part and parcel of every profession, and Natalie wasn’t in the wrong. But it looks like Moby wants to hold that brief encounter with her for as long as he can.

Moby Tried To Sell His Autobiography Using Natalie’s Name


In 2016, Moby wrote and published an autobiography called Porcelain: A Memoir depicting his life from where he shifted to New York and struggled to become an established singer. In the book, he also talks about his romantic stint with Golden Globe award-winning actress Natalie Portman. He mentions her name in the book and describes her to be twenty years old, while his age is mentioned thirty-six. As per his book, the actress used to flirt with him backstage, and they also went on a couple of romantic dates together. He writes unnecessary details about things that happened between them and their feelings for each other, which, as revealed later on to be his imagination.

He said that Natalie adores and likes him, and given her actions, he also started falling for her.

Natalie Refuted His Lies On Media About The Controversy

Moby Apologizes to Natalie Portman Over Book Controversy - Variety

Oscar-winning actress Natalie in response to his crazy love story said that she had just turned eighteen and graduated from high school when this incident happened. But it did not happen as he described it. Rather she remembers him as a creepy older man who had inappropriate feelings for her. Contrary to his idea of them going on romantic dates, she said she barely knew him enough, and they only hung around for a few days. She also said that she is disturbed that he uses their acquaintance as a romantic scandal to sell his books.

Moby Retracts From What He Said Earlier And Wishes He Did Not Write The Book In The First Place

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As his new documentary is coming up in May this year, it is very obvious why he is sticking to his cards. Given his book’s low rate of sales, it was quite clear for him that people are not interested in knowing about his life, especially after the actress used words like creepy and inappropriate behavior for him. In an interview, he said that sometimes he wishes that he did not write the book in the first place, and even if he did, he should not have used names.

Moby’s autobiography was also unethical from many angles. For instance, he did not take permission from the people he mentioned in his book. He apologized to all the people, especially Portman, for using their names and events without taking permission from them or sharing with them. He also compares his regret with the way his father taught him to play chess.

It’s like choosing the worst and worst you choose the former, and he did the same. He further defended himself by saying that when he met Natalie twenty years back, he was an addict and most of the time was out of his senses. That is why the relationship might have been perceived differently by both individuals. However, no matter how much he tries to save himself from the embarrassment, the fact that he has used her name once again to gain some free publicity for his upcoming film is itself proof of who’s lying.

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