Rapper Bad Bunny Makes His Country Proud With His Debut At Wrestle Mania 37

Rapper Bad Bunny Makes His Country Proud With His Debut At Wrestle Mania 37

Wrestle Mania 37 was aired on 10th and 11th April this year, making fans go all gaga over the show. Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, aka Bad Bunny, is a self-proclaimed world’s best fan of the WWE. He said he has been watching the wrestling match in an interview since he was in junior school and has been a fanatic of the series. The Puerto Rico rapper made his debut on the show and gave a fantastic performance that surprised the viewers.

Bad Bunny had a grand entrance in the show. Before his appearance, a crowd of dancers wearing Bunny costumes dance to his music in the wrestling ring. They then run towards the entrance, where a huge, striking-looking truck enters with Bad Bunny on top of it. He is seen wearing a Black Long Leather Jacket with metallic strips and studs on it. A Blue bandana covers his forehead, and the glaring sunglasses give him a victor’s look. Bunny jumped inside the wrestling ring with the crowd of Bunnies and rapped his way to the audiences’ heart. People in the crowd cheered for him, and some were even seen holding Puerto Rico’s flag to support him.

The Wrestling Battle That Made History

See Bad Bunny's Impressive WWE WrestleMania Debut

In this episode of the show, participants had to choose a partner and fight as a team. Together with Damian Priest, Bunny and his teammate put the brilliant American wrestlers’ John Morrison and The Miz to shame. Both Bunny and Priest hail from Puerto Rico, the country looked down upon by the American governor. The match began with Bad Bunny taking the stage alone with his partner standing outside giving him suggestions and encouragement. As the match began, Bad Bunny took John Morris to his feet by pulling him down with all his might.

However, all his strength seems to disappear as both the American wrestlers bounce on him together, beating him down to a pulp. Despite getting back-to-back punches and kicks, the twenty-seven-year-old rapper did not give up. Bunny persevered in taking the high-power punches and fell multiple times on the stage. It was, to some extent, unfair as he is not a professional wrestler and did not have years of training and muscles like his opponents.

Damian And Bad Bunny Got Their Much-Deserved Victory

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Towards the end of the match, Damian was allowed to get inside the ring to help Bunny, which changed everything about the match. Priest, whose real name is Luis Martinez, let out all the anger and heat he held up until that time. He landed his power-packed punches on Morrison and The Miz, defeating them in no time. The two-time national award winner wrestler used his legendary techniques and experience to end the match with a clear victory. While he wrestled, Bunny got enough time to recharge and rest.

In no time, he took center stage along with Priest and delivered his punches and kicks that threw his opponents out of the ring. In the end, both Priest and he catapulted themselves and landed down hard on The Miz and John, winning points for their country.

The Historic Win By Bad Bunny

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After the match was over, social media was flooded with praises for the rapper, including WWE champions. Fans of Bad Bunny and WWE said that this was the first time in the show’s history where a celebrity gave such a dynamic performance. The show’s champions felt respected as they said the way Bunny fought in the match showed his dedication and commitment to the spirit of WWE. Bad Bunny has been practicing for his debut for months on end, and it looks like he won the match and millions of hearts of WWE fans.

In the end, we see Triple H standing by the side of the road waiting with a briefcase in his hand in the middle of a highway. Bad Bunny’s truck passed by him, leaving the rapper face to face with the wrestling champion. Triple H gave Bunny the briefcase and encouraged him to go back to doing what he did best. After getting on the truck, he opened the Yellow briefcase and was pleased to see a great microphone. The scene ends with Bunny’s tour dates in America.

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