Prince Philips Passed Away Just Two Months Before Turning 100 Years-Old

Prince Philips Passed Away Just Two Months Before Turning 100 Years-Old

On 9th April 2021, the United Kingdom citizens bid farewell to their longest-standing monarch, Prince Phillips, the Duke of Edinburgh. In a recent video released by Sixty minutes, a media channel based in Australia, we found out more about the late Prince. Ray Martin, the reporter on the spot that day, said that the people barely knew much about him. The British royals are very wary and private; they don’t mingle with the common people and keeps themselves away from interviews. The Duke of Edinburgh was nothing different.

Martin said that he initially had three assumptions about the former Navy commissioner. He thought that he would be eloquent, elegant and pompous, which, to his surprise, Prince Philips did turn out to be. The interview lasted for about forty-five minutes which Martin points out is a very fortunate thing for a media house as the Duke refused to be interviewed. On the day of the interview, he travelled in his private plane from the United Kingdom via Singapore to Australia, where Sixty minutes in those days was the biggest brand in the country.

The Candid Interview That Was Not So Candid Afterall

Prince Philip 'lacked the energy' to intervene while Megxit was hashed out:  report

Further, Martin says that the Prince was not comfortable and relaxed during the interview, which was quite apparent in his body language. All the studio lighting, multiple cameras and microphone bothered him a lot, and he stuck to answering as briefly as possible. However, as the interview proceeded, the Prince did break out once in a while or two with his humour which helped him let down his defences and guards.

From the interview, the reporter got one thing very clear: he could share a bit about the other side of the Prince. He said, though, from outside, members of the royal family look very serious and grim; Philips is a smart man with a great sense of humour. He was also very kind and brave, which makes his personality shine. The Duke of Edinburgh was also a man of nature. He loved the environment and understood its importance on Earth. During the shoot of this interview, he says that man should not hamper or try to destruct Mother nature in the least. As long as we can control our greed and work to become a conservationist, this planet will be a beautiful place to live. He also cared deeply about the endangered species, which is a rare quality in people today.

Coffin Of Prince Philips Next To Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Left a Handwritten Letter for Prince Philip on His Coffin |  Entertainment Tonight

The body of the Prince, who was only two months away from turning a century, will be carried on his favourite Land Rover and buried next to the Queen. A close friend of the Prince revealed that he expressed his wish to die before turning hundred when the late Prince was about ninety-six years old. He does not want to take up space unnecessarily as he is not much excited about his life. The irony is that his birthday falls in August, and he fulfilled his wish by passing away in April.

Prince Harry has flown down from America to attend his grandfather’s funeral, who he was so fond of. He will be staying in the country for only a week as he does not want to leave his wife and child alone for long. While speculations are around for him and his brother Prince William, no one can say if this funeral will unite the family.

Controversy Surrounding The British Royal Family

the Royals Who Walked Behind Prince Philip's Coffin

When Princess Diana passed away in 1996, Prince Philips took the two young boys, William and Harry, to walk behind their mother’s coffin. The grandfather adored all his grandchildren, and we can only imagine what pain he must have gone through after Harry left the palace. Prince Harry has released a note as a eulogy to his grandfather and posted it on the Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge Twitter Handle. He writes that his grandfather was a man he admired the most. It was a long letter, but media and followers questioned his contradictions after his interview with Oprah Winfrey released.

As per Covid-19 guidelines, there will only be thirty members of the royal family in place of eight hundred guests at the funeral. Prince Harry will not be wearing the regular uniform and medals and will be sitting alone.

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