Saint Laurent Releases Debut Short Film Titled “French Water”

Saint Laurent Releases Debut Short Film Titled “French Water”

When was the last time you watched something and thought, “Wait, what the eff did I just watch?” Yes, Interstellar was one of those, and we do not doubt it. But that’s not it. Hollywood filmmakers are always looking for ways to blow your mind, and the short movie French Water does that. It will throw you off your couch and hit you hard, making your brain wires go haywire. Bright composition of shades and eye-grabbing clothing amalgamated cleverly to deliver you nine-minute of pure madness.

What’s In The French Water?

Saint Laurent Explores French Cinema in a New Surrealist Short

In this less than ten-minute film, director Jim Jarmusch has brought out the best of what you can do with a plotline on a clothing brand. The film starts with the end of a dinner scene in a weird-looking big bungalow to give you a perspective. We see everything from the perspective of a waiter who does nothing but stands in one place and observes. More than just observing, it will be fair to say that he is ogling at the women who are walking up and down in a variety of Saint Laurent’s Summer Collection clothes. The ensemble of the cast consists of Chloe Sevigny. Charlotte Gainsbourg is a fashion designer herself – the forty-nine-year-old singer, the sixty-year-old Julianne Moore and twenty-six-year-old Indya Moore.

The waiter’s role has been amazingly played by none other than Leo Reilly, who is the son of the legendary John C Reilly. The opening scene is a unique and abstract start to a film where we follow the waiter’s eye. He seems to be very lonely and has curious eyes in knowing where ladies are going and what they are doing inside the ballroom.

Jim Have Given A Lot Of Thought To The Movie Which Added Layers


Director Jim seems to be enjoying this concept as he made it more psychological and dramatic. For a first time who does not understand a movie’s depth, they can easily confuse it with a horror one at no fault of theirs. The eerie atmosphere resembles a thriller and makes the viewer uncomfortable with the women laughing and talking with one another and the waiter ogling at them. As one can understand from the waiter’s facial expression, he is eagerly waiting to watch up with one of the ladies and form a connection.

He seems to find a way out to enter the ballroom and fill his curiosity of entering into their space. The characters’ affluence and luxury are intimidating not only for the viewers but also for the waiter, who does not know a thing or two about that culture. This film’s striking features are the weird and strange characters of the film, like the young model that keeps appearing now and then. She stares at the waiter and gives a mysterious smile that confuses him. So whoever comes to him and asks about this one character who seems to be the most important person in the party, he offers them Water. He says that its French Water, which can be translated to you can trust him.

The Music, Background Score And Attire That Are Very Striking To The Film

Saint Laurent' sensuously evokes the storied French designer - The  Washington Post

The film’s background art is done by the Chief Executive Officer of Saint Laurent, and he indeed has a good eye for color. The surprising element in this short film, the essence, is the minute-to-minute change of clothes of the star cast. They are seen wearing particular clothes, and the next minute, they are seen wearing something else. In the end, the three lead stars are just looking for each other, and each one of them asks the waiter about their friend. By the end of the movie, they have found each other and went inside the ballroom. The aesthetics of the film are spectacular and will leave the audience wanting to see more. The stunning star cast has made this short film memorable and surely going down in the award shows.

The film ends with the waiter drinking the Water he’s been carrying for hours on end and telling everyone that it’s French Water. The brilliant actor Leo Reilly has put up a great performance that is sure to be appreciated by the audience.

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