Mother Of Nine Children Including Actors Mark And Donnie Wahlberg Passes Away At 78

Mother Of Nine Children Including Actors Mark And Donnie Wahlberg Passes Away At 78

Both actors Mark Wahlberg and Donnie Wahlberg, have been working in Hollywood for over three decades. Both the brothers have achieved major success in their career and are continuing to work on bigger projects. While Mark is the youngest of his nine siblings, he has achieved more than his family. He owns a restaurant named his mother, Alma Wahlberg, who just passed away on 18th April 2021. The forty-nine-year-old has won many awards and accolades and been a part of the movies Transformers: The Last Knight and Transformers: Age of Extinction.

On the other hand, Donnie is married to Jenny McCarthy, an American actress, media personality and model. Donnie is elder to Mark and was the first one from the family to enter Hollywood through his music and hip hop. Brought up in the neighbourhood of Boston, he, along with his siblings and mother, had to go through severe challenges in life. There is confusion regarding their family, however. One source claims that the family had nine children, while the other says they had twelve. Secondly, there is a doubt regarding the brother’s father, who, as one source says, passed away when they were very young, while another says he divorced their mother.

Alma Wahlberg Was Suffering From Dementia


Alma, a proud mother, had dementia which is a mental illness associated with loss of memory. In her later days, as Donnie says, she did not remember much except that Donnie was her baby Donnie. Both the brothers and their siblings, some of who are also working in the industry, has spoken very fondly about the mother. In a reality show spanning ten seasons of the family called ‘Wahlbergers’, Alma gave an appearance and was liked by the viewers instantly. From then on, she became a regular on the show. In an interview, Alma said that she had raised all her nine children painstakingly with lots of care and sacrifice.

She also said that because she had so many children and did not have a partner to support her, she worked more than one job to feed and clothe her kids. She also said that the children had undergone a rough time, and her as most of the times, they had to eat from welfare meals. As seen in the many photographs circulated on the family’s net, one can see Alma’s bright smile and kind eyes holding her children strong. Given the struggle she had to go through, it is highly admirable how she raised so many children in dire poverty. She worked as a bank clerk in the mornings and as a nurse at night to earn enough for her family. In most cases, women left by their partners to die hungry with kids leave their kids on the street.

Brothers Donnie And Mark Pay Tribute To Their Deceased Mother On Social Media

Mark Wahlberg and brother Donnie pay tribute to their mother after her death  aged 78 | Ents & Arts News | Sky News

A day after their mother’s passing, both the brothers took to their social media handles to express their condolences and share the news with their followers. Donnie Wahlberg posted a small video clip of Alma where we see singer Regina Belle singing ‘If I Could’, his mother’s favourite song. Alma used to sing this song at all her children’s wedding, and therefore, to surprise his mother, Donnie called the singer and requested her to sing it for her during his wedding. A tearful Alma hugs her son and dances joyfully with him. He also adds that he is incredibly blessed to have a mother like Alma, who took so many pains to raise him. He believes that it has to come from none other than his mother, if anything, likable about him.

In the next paragraph, he says that he finds his mother very inspiring as she is a humble woman who, regardless of what she has today, never forgot where she started. She is always joyful and ready for all challenges that life throws at her without losing her smile in the least. He honoured his mother with every word he typed, and it seems that the actor is overcome with emotion. Expressing his deepest and sincerest gratitude for the woman who did not disrespect anybody, he ends the long caption with his name no matter how difficult the odds were.

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