Catherine Zeta-Jones Tries Out Different Looks By Turning Her Closet Into A Runway

Catherine Zeta-Jones Tries Out Different Looks By Turning Her Closet Into A Runway

British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has created headlines recently for her glamorous role in her upcoming series “Prodigal Son” and more so for her recent Instagram reel. The fifty-one-year-old actress is seen changing her attires in her closet and walking with swag as if on the red carpet, making her fans go mad about her beauty.


In her caption, she further said that she chooses to wear all her beautiful outfits and walk in them. She had tagged Vogue and Madonna, adding stunning background music from Vogue, let fans get a glimpse of her grand closet. Her confidence and charm have remained the same since her early days in the movies. Casa-Zeta Jones commented that she is wearing a Bianca Belted Shirt Dress and Annie Blue Multi from Butterfly twists. Her second outfit is a Kylee High Low Button Down Shirt and scarlet striped pants. Celebrities like Broody Brown said in a complimentary tone that he wants to watch more of such content on the Photo sharing platform.

Catherine’s Latest Series Is “Prodigal Son Season 2”

Prodigal Son Season 2, Episode 7 spoilers: Catherine Zeta-Jones's debut

The second season of the crime drama series “Prodigal Son Season 2” was released on January 12th after its trailer dropped in 2020. The series revolves around Malcolm, the son of a pathological serial killer. As a child, he would often be responsible for handing over his criminal dad to the police and has not seen him for over a decade. Malcolm joined the Quantico and later moved to work for NYPD after a disgraceful incident. The series revolves around him getting in touch with his father, who is now in a psychiatric jail under the resident doctor Vivian Capshaw, played gracefully by Michael-Zeta Jones.

This series is a comeback for the actress who has openly shared her struggles with depression and Bipolar 2 disorder in public. However, during her time, the media, instead of supporting and empathizing with her, shamed her for suffering from a mental health illness. She is being interviewed by many media channels who have appreciated her role and the beauty of slipping gracefully into one. In her response, Catherine said she felt very proud of her journey as an actor and was very excited about her character.

Her character, a residential psychiatric doctor, looks very calm and collected on the surface. She says that if anyone sees her from outside and meets her, they will feel she has complete control over her life and everything around it. But on the inside, she is shattered and trying to collect the bits and pieces of her emotions as much as she could. That is why she was able to kiss the serial killer and have a brief relationship with him.

Both Her Children Want To Become Hollywood Actors

Catherine Zeta-Jones When Asked If Her Kids Would Venture Into Acting: "Its  On The Cards"

In her recent interview, she said she is very excited for them when asked about her two children. Her daughter Carys Zeta, seventeen years old and about to start college, and twenty-year-old son Danny DeVito, who is studying in college, currently have shown significant interest in the craft. Both the parents, Michael Douglas and Zeta-Jones, have spoken to their children about the problems of entering the same field as their parents, but the kids are hell-bent on entering Hollywood and creating a name for themselves.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Is One Of The Most Famous Stars Of Her Time

Catherine Zeta-Jones - Wikipedia

If you have watched the 1998 movie Zorro…the Mask Man, you will remember the beautiful Catherine Zeta who won millions of hearts from that movie. After starring in movies like “No Reservations” and “Entrapment,” she played more significant roles in her future films and won many awards and accolades. After dating two men from the entertainment industry and having a brief marriage with one, she divorced him and finally met Michael Douglas, a twenty-five-year-old elder. They share the same birthday and have been married for twenty-two years.

In an interview, she said she is extremely happy in her family life, and they have been living in Bermuda for over a decade now. She has two loving children and has a lot of fun with her seventy-six-year-old husband. At the start of her marriage, she received many criticisms for her choices and health, but it looks like she has come out of everything victoriously.

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