Justin Theroux And Jennifer Aniston Still Share The Same Relationship After Divorce

Justin Theroux And Jennifer Aniston Still Share The Same Relationship After Divorce

Justin Theroux, the actor and director, ended his relationship and marriage with actress Jennifer Aniston in September 2017. Even though it has been a long time since the duo split, it is less likely that the media speculations will end around them. Both the stars are very famous and successful, and as one would imagine, speculations around their romantic life seldom end. No matter what it looks like from the outside, we will never know what is going on between two individuals. So as it may happen, media and fans of the couple spun a story around their divorce, making it even harder for the two to exist in peace.

The Rumour About Differences In Opinion Started Long Back

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Justin and Jennifer dated for a while and then got married, which lasted for about two years. In this short period, it is said that the couple already bought a home in Los Angeles and Jennifer wanted to continue settling in there. However, Justin is not a seaside-like person and wanted to reside in New York City amidst the hustle-bustle. Since both their choices and likes are poles apart, the couple concluded to separate.

As baseless as the rumor sounds, it hurt the actors who know better and have decided to keep the reason for their divorce private. But since their divorce in 2017, there have been endless stories and rumors started by different celebrity media outlets that is completely false. This is where we also see the dual nature of media wherein one side acts to be on the side of the celebs while in reality, they are only trying to make their pockets heavier with scandal.

Justin Theroux On The Alleged Rumour

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In a recent interview to the ‘Insider,’ Justin revealed that all that has been talked about the two of them is false, and the rumors, if anything, have hurt both the stars. He said that it was true that Jennifer wanted to stay in Los Angeles and he in New York. But that is not the entire reason behind their divorce. He says that it is childish to think that a difference of preferences could lead to something as huge as a divorce and stop all the speculations. He further states that there is a whole layer of complexity and reasons why the couple had to part ways, and he will not reveal them to the public.

He also states that Jennifer and he are very close friends even today after their divorce. It is highly unlikely that their relationship will go through any transition in the future. He says that when there is something about a person you love while in the relationship or marriage with them, you continue to love that part of them even after that phase is over. He said that even today, the ex-couples face time with each other and share jokes only they understand. The actor shows off his strong friendship with Jennifer by posting her pictures on his Instagram on her birthdays and praising her.

Jennifer’s Latest Rumour About Adopting A Baby

Jennifer Aniston's rep denies reports actress is in the process of adopting  a child | Fox News
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This week has been a roller-coaster ride for the “Friends” actress. During the meet-up of the cast of the friends for a reunion episode of the super hit show, a rumor with no source came into the limelight. A website claimed that Jennifer Aniston would adopt a baby from one of the charities she supports in Mexico. This rumor became so viral that her friends and colleagues started congratulating her on her journey to motherhood. The star got upset with the media and clarified the rumor. She said that she is not in the mindset of becoming a mother at the age of fifty-two. It is upsetting for her to see her name on the tabloids with red circles around her belly, indicating her pregnancy. She also adds that she had a burger for lunch, and someone clicked a weird photo of her from an inappropriate angle that showed a slight bulge. The next thing she knows is that she is already declared pregnant with speculations about the child’s father. Theroux, on his part, has also been in several relationships, especially a long time one with his ex-partner Heidi Bivens.  

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