Friend’s Actress Jennifer Aniston Shut Down All Rumours About Adopting A Child

Friend’s Actress Jennifer Aniston Shut Down All Rumours About Adopting A Child

In her latest interview, Hollywood actress Jenifer Aniston cleared all the rumors created by the media. It all started when there were talks about the reunion episode of Friends that came to light. After a decade, the famous show that ended in 2004 is said to have one last episode where the show’s primary cast will meet once again due to the audience’s demands.

Possible Reason That May Have Started This Rumour

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The media is always looking to attack women who are in the limelight. They are always expected to be a certain way, to get married to a rich man and settle down when the time comes. Even though it may look like the stars who can do whatever they want, their lives are seldom fun in reality. They are targeted by the way many more people that don’t hold the best intentions for them. Jennifer Aniston did not receive a different treatment from the media since her last divorce. The daughter of actor and actress John Aniston and Nancy Dow, Jennifer began dating actor-director Tate Buckley Donovan. Unfortunately, the relationship did not last long, and the couple broke up in 1998.

Post her first relationship; she started dating the handsome Brad Pitt, with whom she got married after dating for two years. Unfortunately, they divorced in 2005, the year after which the TV show Friends ended. There were speculations around her divorce that Aniston did not want children, which had upset Pitt, and the marriage ended. A few months later, Jennifer said that the speculations were not true, and she would prioritize the experience of motherhood.

Her third relationship also did not last for a long time, and she broke up with actor-director Justin Theroux after settling down with him for a year and a half. Surrounding the break-ups were continuous rumors and news that attacked Aniston for not settling down and becoming a mother.

Jennifer Anniston’s Reaction To Her Adoption

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The rumor came from an unknown source that said Jennifer had told her friends from the cast of Friends that she is in the process of adopting a child from one of the orphanages she supports. The news spread like wildfire, and every media tabloid posted it in their headlines without finding out the truth. The fifty-two-year-old Jennifer became upset and frustrated with congratulations coming in from friends and colleagues.

In her response, she clarified that the news once is false, and she has not said anything like that to anyone. However, if she adopted a child, she would be the first to tell the media. She also added that media has a thing for over-exaggeration. She once had a burger for lunch, and her stomach bloated. Someone took a picture of her stomach from a weird angle, and the next day the news of her pregnancy was out. Aniston said it was very common for her to see her picture with a red circle around her stomach with several arrows indicating her false pregnancy.

The Friend’s Star Gave A Piece Of Her Mind

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Jennifer said TMZ that she is extremely happy and fulfilled in her life. Sadly, society and media want to believe that if a woman is unmarried, divorced or does not have children, and they are incomplete. Stating her mind, she says only she gets to decide whether she is happy or not in her life and her pregnancy is no one’s business. Commenting on her latest pictures of her stomach, she says that it’s her body, and people should stop commenting and judging her for what she chooses to do with it.

Aniston has won several awards and recognition in her life, especially during her long stint with Friends. Even though the show ended long ago, people binge-watch the show and use the show’s references in their everyday conversation. In their first episode, the cast lead actors were paid twenty-two thousand and five hundred dollars in the first season. Their pay went up to one million dollars in the ninth and tenth seasons, given the show’s huge success. Jennifer and the other female stars of the show were the highest-paid television actresses in 2004. Jennifer today has a net worth of three hundred million dollars and was named one of the industry’s prettiest faces.

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