Celebrity Couple Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Finally Falling Apart

Celebrity Couple Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Finally Falling Apart

The reality television star Kim Kardashian and rapper Kanye West have been married for seven years. However, given the marriage trajectory they have reached today, we can say it was not the happiest seven years of their lives. While Kim has been busy with her stardom and shows Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kanye has been doing his own thing. Both of them have been living separately since the start of the pandemic and, as per their Instagram post, have been happier since.

The model and reality tv star have spent her days in her California home with her four children and family. Her professional career is hitting one high after another, setting her up for a life of big victories and world fame. On the other hand, Kanye West has been living by himself, indulging in his study of the Bible and reforming himself into a strict Christian. It is his newly formed version of himself that Kim said drove the couple towards their divorce faster. Since the last few years, Kanye is becoming a different person, one that she cannot recognize. The socialite said that she had difficulty dealing with the singer and therefore feels at ease away from him.

What Led To The Kimye Divorce?

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The celebrity couple that once made headlines during their wedding is once again on the news. In the seven years of their married life, both Kim and Kanye have seen each other closely enough to understand that they are better without each other. Kim Kardashian’s fans support her completely, saying that it has been a tough ride on the star who has given her all to become the best wife for Kanye, only to be disappointed and treated badly later on. Both Kim and Kanye have four children. Two kids through natural pregnancy and the other two through surrogacy.

Their kids’ name is North, who is seven-year-old, five-year old Saint, three-year old Chicago and two-year-old Psalm. The couple got married on a bumpy road after West lost the presidential elections, and many fans did not believe the marriage will last long. However, it did last for a good seven years, but the last two years have especially been rocky due to major differences between the couple. They wanted to parent their kids differently. Kanye wanted to go for a more authoritative and strict approach; Kim wants to have a warm and loving relationship with her children.

As per Kim, Kanye has removed all television sets from the children’s bedroom and set strict rules around eating and praying. But that alone is not a reason for their separation. For a while, Kim has wanted to change her career and take the bar exam to become a lawyer while Kanye went deep into his religious practices. In one of his interviews, he said that at this point of his life, he truly believes that Jesus is his savior and he will spend the rest of his life dedicated to Christianity.

Kardashian And West, Both Want Joint Custody Of Their Four Children

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West divorce: They agree on joint custody
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Early in February this year, Kim filed for divorce to Kanye, and recently he responded to it. As per reports, Kim and Kanye both have signed for joint custody of their children, both legally and physically. It is thereby difficult for the court to decide what to do as it is a difficult decision. For spouses’ support, both the celebrities have said no and given their net worth, the decision are understandable.

Kim Kardashian just entered the Forbes list of billionaires globally, whereas Kanye has a massive wealth that can serve his future generations well. Reports have it the spilled is a good step forward for Kim Kardashian, who has to put up with the rapper diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.  His inconsistent behavior with the reality TV star and sudden personality change is difficult for anybody to deal with. Most people support Kim, and even though they are not her fans, they want her to heal well from this adversity.

Despite asking Kim Kardashian about her divorce, she has not said anything. There was a video circulating on the internet where we see a clip of her crying. Everyone’s guessing that she will be talking about her divorce in the upcoming episode of the Kardashians.

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