Carrie Underwood Wins Hearts At The ACM Awards Along With Cece Williams

Carrie Underwood Wins Hearts At The ACM Awards Along With Cece Williams

There was something special about the 56th Academy Of Country Music Awards held on the 18th of April. The show was a combination of both live footages and pre-recorded ones. We see all the beautiful artists walking with pride at the outset, some with their beau looking all happy and joyful. The winners had a blast as they rocked their award and grabbed media attention. However, the most beautiful and mind-blowing part came when singer and songwriter Carrie Underwood took the stage with her grace and charm.

The Duet Of “Great Is Thy Faithfulness”


Carrie Underwood, who is also a record producer, author and entrepreneur, took this opportunity at the ACM 2021 awards to remind viewers and participants of the presence of Jesus. The singer, who has reportedly sold seventy million records worldwide and been on the charts of Billboard Hot 100, is in the news for displaying grace. She sang the song “Great is Thy Faithfulness” by Chris Rice, and the audience went into a trance. Her strong and husky voice has touched everyone, and as some point out, they were blessed to hear her sing.

Carrie was joined by the legendary Gospel singer Cece Winans who has been singing gospel verses for decades now. Cece’s family is also engaged in singing gospels, especially her brother Bebe, a famous singer. While Cece wore a stitched Black floral gown and kept her beautiful curly hair open, Carrie chose to adorn a sleeveless studded Cream White gown that enhances her features. As they got lost in the verses of “Great is thy faithfulness”, the camera pans back to show an entire stage with a celestial backdrop and stained glass behind them. We can also see many chorus singers and dancers syncing to the rhythm – all wearing white.

Fans’ Reaction On The Heavenly Performance


As Carrie sang with all her heart and Cece gave her a beautiful undertone to compliment her, everyone watching felt they were sitting inside a church. In a country where there is an all-time war between African-Americans and Americans because of the former’s roots and black skin colour, this performance was nothing less than a dream come true for many. People said that this performance was the best part of the ACM awards 2021 and could not have been any happier. In this pandemic stricken world, where people are dreading to go outside and feeling helpless and hopeless, the performance by the two singers was a warm hug to them.

Carrie Underwood Is A Multi-faceted Woman


Carrie Underwood, who is all thirty-eight now, is married to former Ice Hockey player Mike Fisher and has two children with him. She has been on the show American Idol and won many awards for her songs, including the Billboard award. After winning in the reality show American Idol, the singer got her name on the Forbes magazine, which is another feather to her cap. She has been named in the list of the hundred most influential women globally and has her name on the Hollywood walk of fame. The vegan actress appeared in the famous American Television show “How I Met Your Mother” in the role of Tiffany and acquired a large fan base.

On the other hand, Winans has won more than ten Grammy awards and is a famous Gospel singer in the country. The fifty-six-year-old was born and brought up in Detroit and is one of the ten children her parents had. The singer has her own recording company and many records, which she has sing along with her brother. When both Cece and Underwood sand the profound lines from the Gospel, people could feel the vibrations that shook them and made them shed tears of joy.

Winners Of The ACM Awards

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The country music award show that happened in Tennessee held a gala function to award the winners of the year. The entertainer of the year is Luke Bryan, and the album that won in 2021 is Starting Over by Chris Stapleton. Maren Moris won the best female artists of the year, while Thomas Rhett won for the male category. The group of Old Dominion took the award for being the best group of the year while Dan and Shay jointly won as the Duo of the year. “I hope you are happy now” by Carly Pearce and Lee Brice won the award for the best single of the year.

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