American Idol Season 19 is Unfair Towards Its Contestants And Here’s Why

American Idol Season 19 is Unfair Towards Its Contestants And Here’s Why

The singing reality competition American Idol which was created on Pop Idol is gaining a bad name today. The show is in its nineteenth season and has a large fan base across the country. As the season finale came close, the show host announced a twist that upset many fans of the show. The twist was that since last year the American Idol Season 19 got shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the contestants did not get a fair chance to fight, which they truly deserve.

But fans are asking at the cost of what? There were already many highly talented singing stars who were making the tournament the best in the last eighteen seasons. But now, just as the show has to choose its top ten finalists, they decide to call back ten contestants from the last season. The audience are not upset that these people got a second chance, but they should have been called was earlier in the show, maybe during the auditions. Many talented participants have worked very hard, and nine finalists have already been chosen out of ten. So the last few contestants are fighting with every nerve and cell to enter the tenth position.

The Top Female Contestants From Season 18

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One of the first female contestants from the previous season who made a comeback is Cyniah Elise. She is only nineteen years old, and her grand entrance was nothing less than the opening of a blockbuster movie. Dressed from head to toe in a Black attire and shining nail, the singer with curly hair sang the song ‘Edge Of the Midnight’ from the movie Midnight Sky Remix. The original singer was Stevie Nicks and now has been presented by Cynthia. Her jaw-dropping performance impressed not only the judges but also the audience and fellow participants. One has to watch her performance to believe that a young adult could bring out so much confidence on stage.

On the comeback show, we also got another diamond of a singer who is none other than Aliana Jester. The twenty-year-old sang “I Will Never Love Again” from the movie ‘More Like A Star Is Reborn, amirite?’ and sung by Lady Gaga’s legendary. As mentioned by the judges, Aliana has grown a lot from what they saw in the previous season. The graceful lady gave a terrific performance with vocals and looked dashing in her animal printed grown. Her singing had such an impact on the judges that they gave her a standing ovation, and the audience could not stop clapping.

The third lady who rocked the stage of American Idol, Season 19 Comeback episode is Makayla Philips. The stunning eighteen-year-old gave goose-bumps while singing Demi Lovato’s song, “Anyone”. Her glowing face and phenomenal vocals shoot up the atmosphere and emotion in the show that the judges and the participants, and the audience got teary-eyed. One of the best comebacks of the season, this gorgeous singer is one to watch.

Top Male Contestants Who Made A Comeback In Season 19

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Louis Knight stole the show y singing his composition “Maybe That”. He set the floor by having an entire band and singing himself on piano. The composition is brilliantly written, and for a moment, everyone forgot that he is only a contestant. The British singer took everyone off their feet by taking their dreamland so much that judge Katy Perry said she connected with him on this song. She also added that she could feel he had bared his soul on that episode and whether or not he enters the finalist’s list, his ex should call him up.

Arthur Gunn, another brilliant musician, singer and songwriter, won the judges’ hearts with his song, ‘iris’. He took his guitar and went on a trip alone without caring if the judges liked him enough to choose as a finalist. Judge Katy also said that she finds him inspiring as he does not give attention to what the rules are or if he fits into the system or not. All he cares about is whether people are feeling what he is trying to sing or not. Arthur’s comeback will be a huge reward for the singer who already has a fan base of his own, as also pointed out by Katy Perry.

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