90-Day Fiancé Comes To An End For Couple Amira And Andrew

90-Day Fiancé Comes To An End For Couple Amira And Andrew

American television has endless drama for its audience, and most of them are nothing less than a reality show. 90-day fiancé is another long-running reality show that has the audience glued to their televisions. The show is currently in its eighth season and is broadcasted on TLC. The plot of this show is around the K-1 Visa that America offers when a foreigner wants to marry an American citizen. The rule is that after getting the visa, the couple has to get married within ninety days.

The three months are provided for the couple to make arrangements and get married. If they fail to do so, the visa will be canceled, and the foreigner will be sent back to their native country. The show revolves around what happens after a couple gets their visa. It’s a drama that happens in their ninety-day journey and brings a bunch of couples who want to live in America. The current season has reached a phase where a couple breaks up, and the whole banter become of he-said and she-said. Of course, in the end, their journey on the show comes to a traffic end, and everyone ends up questioning their love.

Amira’s Side Of Story When She Was Jailed For No Reason

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Has it ever happened to you that you landed in a country, and right after you show your passport, ID and tickets, you are put behind bars for no reason? No, right? As per Amira, it happens only in Mexico. The twenty-eight-year-old French woman claimed that when she landed in Mexico, she walked through all the checks and finally, when she had to walk out after showing all her documents, someone held her and put her in prison. She was detained for a good two nights and three days without any valid reason at all. Shocking right? So was it for every contestant on the show as well as the host?

Amira and Andrew’s story began when they met on a dating site, liked each and right off knew they wanted to get married. At least that’s what they say. After they got the k-visa, they got in the reality show. Amira is from France, while Andrew is from South California. They decided to meet, but their plan didn’t work out due to the lockdown, so they decided once again to meet in Mexico. Unfortunately, Andrew could land on time and checked into the hotel room they were supposed to meet waiting for Amira. But Ameera never showed up. The reason she says is because of getting jailed for no reason.

Andrew’s Side Of The Story That We Can Only Guess

90 Day Fiancé: Yara Calls Out Amira's Lies About Andrew After Tell-All
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Andrew never opened up about his side of the story, which is very suspicious for every. When he was called on the show to speak up, he denied it. The only reason he said he came was to confront Amira, and since there were rules like he will be given a chance after the lady is done, he got upset and stormed off. Amira, in her response, said that she is glad because she does not want to meet him at all. Amira said that while she was locked up, Andrew did not try to contact he. She did not receive any messages or calls from him. On further probing, she said she barely had any messages on her phone, which is a confusing statement for the rest of the people.

On Andrew’s side, we see him from a CCTV camera waiting anxiously for Amira and trying to reach out to her on his phone. He is also seen doing a video call with Amira’s father to find out about her whereabouts. Amira further said that her now ex-fiance was abusive and controlling. He always scared her and heightened her panic attacks. After knowing that he walked away from the show, she heaved a deep sigh of relief, saying that she no longer will allow Andrew to control her life. Further on, she added a shocking claim. She said that even before she could land back to France, she found out that Andrew was back on the dating site they met before.

What’s The Truth Then?

Amira Lollysa stuns 90 Day Fiance fans with Andrew Kenton's pregnancy  ultimatum
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Chances are, we will never know. Given their immaturity of staying in a relationship that is nothing less than a waste of time, one could say that both are lying

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