1.8 Million Dollar Ring Missing From Jennifer Lopez’s Finger

1.8 Million Dollar Ring Missing From Jennifer Lopez’s Finger

When we think of celebrities, the first thing that comes to our mind is their net worth, right? It’s surprising how superficial we humans beings are given the only people we prefer to see on our Instagram feed that are wearing 1.8 million dollar rings. But as it turns out to be, even these celebrities have tons of work to be done to become a happy person. Seeming celebrity status cannot help you overcome your anxiety and fears. Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez who is fifty-one now, is definitely not a very happy person, as it turns out.

Jennifer’s Split From Her Beau Alex Rodriquez That’s Making Her Fans Cry

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As news broke out about the inevitable split between the “Selena” actress and former Baseball player, the fans of the former were inconsolable. The reason is partly personal for them as most of us are broken souls who are struggling with our insecurities and breakups, and therefore, we want our role models and celebrity crushes to become very happy in their lives. We rarely think that as part of the human family, they also will have bad news. What’s even ground-breaking is that people who are extremely successful in their careers which half of the population is struggling with, it is a given that you have settled in very happily in your married life.

Both the duo Jennifer and Alex have been scoring very high in their careers, with one being the highest-paid Latin actress globally and the other being the highest-paid Baseball player. The news is definitely heart-breaking for the fans of the duo that have long cherished to see them settled down.

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Madison LeCroy Is Blamed For The Breakup

Is Madison LeCroy to Blame For Jlo and A-Rod Break up? Southern Allure Star  Admitted to Cellphone Calls With MLB Star | Real Raw News today
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The Southern Charm star Madison LeCroy is said to be the reason the duo is spilling, but that’s just an excuse circulated. If two people love each other strongly, no one should be able to obstruct them from living together. In a recent interview, Madison LeCroy said that though there are speculations around her having a secret affair with the Baseball player, it’s not true. She further said that she had received a DM from a Baseball player on her social media account but did not reveal his name. But everyone’s speculating it was Alex Rodriguez.

Following her comments, a wave of people blamed her for the split between the super celebrity couple. Madison clarified that it was true that she and Rodriguez are close, but he did not cheat Jennifer physically with her. The statement sounds dubious, and it definitely arises whether, in that case, it means that emotionally Alex was closer to her. There was also news that Alex has been spending more time having video calls with the Southern Charm star, and it is a strong reason why Jennifer is keeping her distance from her beau.

Announcement Of The Separation That Is Now Official

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This week in an interview, the couple released a joint statement saying that they will prefer to stay friends with each other from now onwards. Since they have started to join ventures, they will continue to work together on them while supporting their children. They thanked and expressed their appreciation for their well-wishers as the end their statement. The couple started dating in 2017 and, by 2019, got engaged with Alex adorning Jennifer’s finger with a 1.8 million diamond ring.

After news of the conflict arose from sources, the engagement ring is missing from Jennifer’s fingers, which has given rise to many questions in people’s minds.

Is Jennifer Lopez Not The One To Settle Anymore?

All The Reasons We Saw Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez's Split Coming
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From Jennifer’s part of breaking up with four of her partners, two of whom she was married and divorced, some people create a mockery on social media. But as we all know, it always takes two for a relationship to break and let’s not get into the trap of blaming the woman here. In an Instagram story, Alex posted an altar where he has carefully kept all of his and Jennifer’s memories and pictures. In his story, we can hear Coldplay playing in the background with a montage of beautiful where the duo is spending quality time with each other.

However, fans of the actress and singer are worried about her and want her to become happy in her life with or without a partner.

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